$175,000 a year to fight noxious weeds in the Upper Hunter Shire

UPPER Hunter Shire Council will contribute an additional $28,550 each year over the next four to help stop the spread of the worst invasive plants. 

The funding is in addition to council’s annual contribution which in 2016/17 was $144,000.

Noxious weed management is undertaken by the Upper Hunter County Council (weeds), a combined initiative of Upper Hunter, Muswellbrook and Singleton shire councils.

Across the three shires, hundreds of hectares of high risk sites and several hundred kilometres of pathways are treated for noxious plants on public lands every year.

The plants treated include Mother of Millions, Green Cestrum, Scotch Broom, African Boxthorns, Paterson’s Curse, Prickly Pear and Tiger Pear.

Treatments can include the breeding and distribution of insects that target particular noxious weeds.

The County Council also inspects more than 1000 public properties for noxious plants as well as all nurseries and other outlets that sell plants.

Weed Control handbooks and other education material is distributed to raise awareness of the problem. 

For more information on noxious weeds, visit www.hunterregionalweeds.net.au