Mac Dawson in the box seat after opening two rounds of Scone Golf Club Championships

WITH two rounds remaining, defending titleholder Mac Dawson is in the box seat to retain his Scone Golf Club Championship crown this weekend.

The annual men’s tournament, over four days of stroke play, began on Saturday and will wrap up on Sunday, June 25.

This major event, normally held in October, was brought forward because of the pending redevelopment of the golf course.

So, there is plenty of motivation in all grades to be the last club champion on the existing course. 

The club is proud to have JBS Hunter Valley Quality Meats as the sponsor of the tournament.

Saturday’s round one was played on the Herb Phelps Memorial Day for the Bill Pumpa Trophy. 

Damien Collison won the trophy with a fine nett 66 that immediately grabbed the handicapper’s attention. 

A grade was taken out by Dawson on 67, B grade by Paul Smart with a 70 and C grade went to Tom Thompson on 74. 

Dawson and Jeff Harrington won nearest the pin prizes and balls went to Collison, Dawson, Smart, Troy Collison, Brenan Reeves, Mick Alsleben, Tim Smith, Harrington, Col Solway, George Davidson, George Betts, Matt Langan, Simon Groom, Brad Hockley and Tony O’Neill, all scoring 73 points or better.

Sunday’s second round of the championship was played for the Jim Elder Trophy in three grades. 

A Grade was won by Reeves with 67, B grade by Collison with 70 and C grade by Thompson with 77. 

Nearest the pin prizes went to Reeves and Collison. 

Balls were won by Reeves 67, Collison 70, Alsleben 71, Jake Teague 72, Groom 72, Scott Reid 72 and Mick Reynolds 74. 

After two rounds of the JBS Hunter Valley Quality Meats Club Championship, A grade is being led by Dawson 70, 79 - 149 from Alsleben 77, 77 – 154, Reeves 80, 75 - 155 and Groom 78, 77 - 155. 

B grade leader is Troy Collison 83, 83 - 166 from Brad Hockley 84, 86 - 170 and Smart 82, 89 - 171. 

C grade leader is Damien Collison 85, 88 - 173 from Kevin Thompson 99, 98 - 197 and Tom Thompson 99, 102 - 201.

The seniors event is being led by Alsleben 77, 77 - 154 from Harrington 75, 83 - 158 and Ross Banks 79, 81 - 160. 

The scores in the nett event conducted over the four rounds of the club championship demonstrate the quality of golf being played. 

The top 10 on the leader board are Damien Collison -9, Brenan Reeves -7, Troy Collison -4, Mick Alsleben -2, Mac Dawson -1, Simon Groom +1, Paul Smart +3, Jake Teague +4, Brad Hockley +4 and Tony O’Neill +4. 

Next weekend we will see whether the Collison brothers can maintain their rich vein of form. 

Damo has already been banished from C grade for playing too well and Troy is under pressure from the chasing B grade pack. 

In the A grade event, Dawson is looking confident, but anything can happen when the pressure mounts near the finish. 

Next Saturday is the Was Whyte and Herb Tilse Memorial Day played for the Jack Tilse Trophy. 

Sunday is the final round of the championship and the Phelps Family Trophy.