New England by-election 2017: Seniors United Party announces candidate Warwick Stacey

Warwick Stacey is standing in the New England by-election.

Warwick Stacey is standing in the New England by-election.

ANOTHER candidate has stepped into the New England by-election race.

Warwick Stacey will stand for the Seniors United Party of Australia (SUPA), which ran NSW Senate Candidates at last year’s Federal Election.

And, the disillusioned former member of the Liberal Party is not what you expect from a Seniors United Party candidate.

He served as a parachuter in the British Army, a commander in the SAS, can simultaneous interpreter German, and is an expert in maritime piracy and resolving kidnaps and extortion.

SUPA officially endorsed Mr Stacey yesterday as a cadidiate with “ broad real life experience” and said it was an opportunity for the people of New England to “show their displeasure at the way politics has been conducted in Canberra in recent years.”

“I’m increasingly appalled at the way politicians treat us with what I call careless indifference,” Mr Stacey said.

Mr Stacey said he believed that the public, and in particular seniors, were very upset with the shameless self-interest and the constant abuse of expense accounts and the brazen sense of entitlement that the many of politicians of today exhibit.

He said that these failings of leadership are exacerbated by sheer incompetence and outrageous waste in the planning and delivery of major programmes.

“We have a comprehensive policy on politician’s remuneration, superannuation and expense accounts, as well as other policies which will be released during the campaign”, he said.


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