Scone local Rene 'Irene' Manning celebrates 100 years

MARCH 13 was special day for Rene (Irene) Manning of Scone as she hit the century milestone and turned 100 years old.

The preceding Sunday she attended a luncheon in her honour with 70 family members and friends.

Her son Charlie Manning said his mother, Irene Marion Wood, married Thomas William Manning in 1941.

They reared six boys, including a set of twins: Reg, Don, twins Neville and Noel (Charlie), Terry and Gary.

Tom passed away in 1984.

Mrs Manning’s daughter-in-law Pam Manning said the crowd included a few friends she used to play cards with, as well as all her six sons and 29 great-grandchildren.

Just four of her 16 grandchildren were unable to attend.

Rene now resides in Strathearn Village on Gundy Road and has received many letters of congratulations and best wishes for the occasion.