Shire notes with Upper Hunter councillor Maurice Collison

WHAT an outstanding Scone Horse Festival.

One of the many highlights was the stockman and bush poet Guy McLean’s performance in White Park.

Myself and many others were seeking the frame of what will be the covered arena and thinking “Wow that is big”.

We are going to have a lot of great sport and entertainment events in that space in the future.

I was particularly moved by McLean’s poem he had written about bullying and it’s very pleasing that over $3000 was raised for the anti-bullying initiative Dolly’s Dream Foundation.

With his permission, the poem is on council’s Facebook page which is a good place to remind everyone to treat others with respect and decency.

For those of you (like me) not on Facebook, here are a few lines:

We should all be held to a higher good

To a standard, so much better

And return to the days of respect

To the days of the pen and the letter

To the days where we thought before we spoke

Where there was no screen to hide behind

Where we strived to make our parents proud

The days before we all were blind.....

To injustices before us

To wrongs done unto others

The time is ‘Now’ to make a stand

As one, as sisters and as brothers

(Guy McLean, 2 May 2018)

See you all at the annual Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces, which will take place in the Upper Hunter from June 8 to 10.

Rates, roads and all that rubbish

AS you will no doubt read in these pages, council’s request for a Special Rate Variation was knocked back by the deciding body IPART.

There are a lot of projects we wanted to get done quickly including fixing up our towns, improving our roads and creating parks where you can take your dog off leash, just to name a few.

Some of these projects will still go ahead, but will take a bit more time, and the others - council will still be on the lookout for grant opportunities to complete these projects.

We all need to invest in the shire for our children.