Farmers welcome little drop of rain as hail ravages other parts of the Upper Hunter

FARMERS must have been dancing in the rain at the weekend when the region received its most significant downfall in months.

It’s far from the solution to the problem, but it’s better than nothing given the shocking dry spell the area has endured for the best part of a year.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) confirmed that some of the Upper Hunter managed to reach double figures, with Merriwa the biggest winner.

They received 14.6mm, Scone was next best with 14mm, followed by Murrurundi (20 mm), Denman (9.4 mm) and Aberdeen (8.4 mm).

There was no data recorded for Muswellbrook, however locals say there was little difference between the rainfall there and in Aberdeen.

Another sight that was witnessed by locals on Sunday was hail, which was spotted throughout the area but fortunately didn’t cause any significant damage.

Jeannie Seymour was one of the people who was stunned by the natural phenomenon – and said she had to stop and take a closer look.

“These big black clouds came over and I thought they looked it bit frightening,” she explained.

“But, two hours later, I went into Muswellbrook and I thought there was detergent or something on the roads.

“However, I had a closer look at it was actually hail.

“I back-tracked and took lots and lots of photos then I back-tracked and found out later that afternoon that Castle Rock had copped quite a bit.

“I returned two hours later and there was still heaps of it there.”

Ms Seymour wasn’t the only one who documented the ice pellets falling, with Karilyn Hobbs also taking footage of the rare weather.

The rainfall data was correct as of 5pm on Monday, August 28, meaning the downfall that occurred later that night is not included.

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