Descendants of James and Mary Barwick invited to a family reunion at 'Thornthwaite' Cemetery

STICKING to tradition, descendants of James and Mary Barwick will once again gather at the “Thornthwaite” Cemetery, Upper Dartbrook Road on September 16 for the Barwick Family Picnic. 

A large number of family members gathered at the first official Barwick picnic 30 years ago organised by Luke Barwick and Maurice Seymour, as a family reunion and to pay their respects to dearly departed relatives.

An attendee list was recorded by Enid Barwick and a list has religiously been kept ever since.

On January 7 1840, James and Mary Barwick (nee Holness) arrived in Sydney, New South Wales aboard 'The Alfred’ and came to “Thornthwaite” to work for Mr Joseph Docker.

FAMILY REUNION: Descendants of James and Mary Barwick will once again gather at the “Thornthwaite” Cemetery on September 16.

FAMILY REUNION: Descendants of James and Mary Barwick will once again gather at the “Thornthwaite” Cemetery on September 16.

With them came their four children – Mary, 8, Anne, 6, Priscilla, 4 and James Joseph, 2.

Over the next twelve years six more children were born, Ellen Elizabeth Ann, twins John and Thomas, William Bloomfield, Joseph, Frederick William, Harriet Anne and Alfred Robert.

Many of these children married and went on to settle in the local area to raise their own families.

Mary Barwick married Richard Askell Berman, they had 12 children.

Ann Barwick died at the age of 17 and is buried in an unmarked grave on the “Thornthwaite” property.

Priscilla Barwick married Jethro Bell, they had 14 children.

James Joseph Barwick married Sarah Ann Vine, they had 8 children.

Ellen Elizabeth Ann Barwick married Noah Newling, they had 9 children.

John Barwick married Eliza Newling, they had 8 children.

Thomas Barwick married Sarah Wood, they had 11 children.

William Bloomfield Barwick married Annie Newling, they had 9 children.

Joseph Barwick died in an accident aged 13 and is buried in St Luke’s Anglican Churchyard.

Frederick William Barwick married Sarah Ashford, they had 9 children.

Harriet Anne Barwick married Samuel Ashford, they had 8 children.

Alfred Robert Barwick married Elizabeth Ann Ashford, they had 11 children.

(Source: The Descendants of James and Mary Barwick, Family Tree by S.W. Barwick)

The Barwick family descendants hold gatherings twice a year, each gathering being held in a different place of interest.

Also, there have been two 2-day reunions held in Scone, 1990 and 2012 with each one having over 150 in attendance.

The 2012 reunion saw descendants from every one of James and Mary’s children who reached adulthood.

Lea Harris, Barwick picnic organiser and co–author/publisher of the “The Barwick Banter”, a periodical family newsletter, and other family members thought it would be fitting to meet back at the original Barwick picnic venue again this September.

The group will meet in Scone and drive to the “Thornthwaite” property.

As the access to the cemetery is four-wheel-drive (4WD) only, cars will be left at the church and 4WDs used to ferry people to the cemetery.

Descendants of James and Mary Barwick are invited to attend the picnic where they will be able to wander the picturesque cemetery and view the many family headstones as well as catch up with other Barwick relatives.

For more information please call Lea Harris 0411 013 041.