Aberdeen Athletics holds presentation night for top performers in 2018/19 season

AFTER another great season, Aberdeen Athletics has wrapped up and a presentation night has been held to honour to best athletes over the past seven months.

Hosted on April 12, a variety of awards were handed out for sporting achievements and volunteer work.

Results are as follows:

100% Attendance medallions: Aiden Nash, Penny Brochtrup, Ciennah Sullivan, Grace Partridge, Eliza Smallmon, Dominic Sullivan, Ruby Brochtrup, Dean Mohr, Jai Dee Anderson, Emily Smallmon, Connor Sullivan, Angus Sullivan and Rossi Levy.

Sportsmanship medallions: Thida Anderson, Holly Taylor, Lacie Allan, Bridie Singleton, Liberty Birch, Mackenzie Birch, Waylon Britt, Toby Singleton, Charles Hartup, Lawson Allan, Jackson Birch, Sophie Taylor, Thomas Roughan, Hayley Mohr and Bella-Rose Partridge.

Zone Rep medallion: Grace Partridge.

Zone Region Rep medallion: Eliza Smallmon, Conan Waugh, Thomas Roughan, Emily Smallmon, Malaki Poa and Bella-Rose Partridge.

Zone, Region State Rep medallion: Ruby Brochtrup and Caiden Waugh.

Life Membership: Gerard Partridge, for 12 years as this club's starter and Michael Roughan for his volunteer work for the club for over 15 years.

Thanks Gerard Michael your commitment to the club is greatly appreciated.

The following Tiny Tots were rewarded for their commitment in coming each week and participating in play training activities:

Lucy Crandell, Jack Allan, Hudson Birch, Indi Bailey, Fynn Parker, Kierah Churcher, Ava Smith, Aeila Allan, Nate Pearce, Isaac Stafa, Luca Prestia, Blaine Johnston, Coby Robinson, Aiden Nash, Teddy Chesworth, Cooper Lynch and Quinn Roach.

Many thanks to Kareen Johnston who has co-ordinated the Tots activities for the last two seasons.

For athletes in the U6 to senior age groups the point score was conducted over the entire club; points were accumulated for both participation and person improvement.

The final results being (lowest to highest):

Level 1 -190 points plus: Ruby Brochtrup, Holly Taylor, Dominic Sullivan, Jai Dee Anderson, Colin Anderson, Penny Brochtrup, Thida Anderson, Rossi Levy, Ciennah Sullivan, Dean Mohr and Eliza Smallmon.

Level 2 - 170 to 189 points: Noah Partridge, Lawson Allan, Sophie Taylor, Oliana Levy, Caiden Waugh, Jackson Birch, Charles Hartup, Toby Singleton, Waylon Britt, Damian Griffiths, Angus Sullivan, Conan Waugh, Mackenzie Birch, Connor Sullivan, Liberty Birch, Bridie Singleton, Emily Smallmon and Grace Partridge.

Level 3 - 140 to 169 points: Charlotte Wells, Sophie Wells, Oliver Duggan, Elliot Stafa, Ruby Bailey, Ava Roughan, Callan Crandell, Austin McGrath, Emelia Johnston, Eli Partridge, Hayley Mohr, Memphis Hinschen, Jeannie Seymour, Annika Stafa, Thomas Roughan, Ziggy Turner and Samuel Wells.

Encouragement Awards: Max Morrison, Koby King, Mallock Morrison, Callie King, Sebastian Morrison, Melinda Britt, Skye Mitchell, Stevie Mitchell, Kelsea Robinson, Bella-Rose Partridge, Fletcher Parker, Bohdi Lynch, Alexis Duggan, Mia Parker Malaki Poa.

Special Awards: Certificates of Appreciation: Ben and Bec Bailey for the donation of a trailer for the club's ride on mower; Dawn Jamieson for her monetary donation towards equipment - a new electronic starting gun was purchased with this money; Karen Borham for writing out the athletes' result tickets each week; Kareen Johnston for organising the Tiny Tots activities for the last two seasons and Melissa Roughan for operating the canteen each week - the profits from the canteen paid for the above awards.

Performance at a Representative Level: U9 Ruby Brochtrup U9 Caiden Waugh for their participation at the 2019 LANSW State Track and Field Championships.

Brian Selman Awards for Sportsmanship: Waylon Britt Ava Roughan.

Highest Pointscore for the 2018/2019 season: Female: U8 Eliza Smallmon; Male: U9 Dean Mohr.

Many thanks to all athletes for their participation during the season.

Thanks also to all parents who assisted on Friday nights - the club cannot run without your help.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the 2018/2019 season and that we see you all back again in October for the start of the 2019/2020 season.

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