New England federal election candidate profiles

Residents of the New England electorate will head to the polls on Saturday, May 18.

There are eight candidates vying to become the Member for New England.

The Northern Daily Leader invited all candidates to answer a handful of questions to help the masthead's readers better decide who to vote for come May 18.

These questions give an insight into the background of the candidates and what they stand for.

Why are you running for the federal seat of New England? Why are you qualified to be the elected member for New England? In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues facing the New England electorate?

The answers to these questions, and others, are in the links below.

  • Cindy Duncan: United Australia Party - Profile
  • Tony Lonergan: The Greens - Profile
  • Yvonne Langenberg: Australian Labor Party - Profile
  • Julie Collins: Christian Democrat Party - Profile
  • Rob Taber: Independent - Profile
  • Natasha Ledger: Independent - Profile
  • Adam Blakester: Independent - Profile
  • Barnaby Joyce: The Nationals - Profile