The Australian Stock Horse Society announces Lorna Fanning as new Chairperson

Lorna Fanning.
Lorna Fanning.

THE Australian Stock Horse Society has announced a new Chairperson to take the reins of their board.

Ms Lorna Fanning from Warwick, Queensland was elected as the best person for the job this week.

Mrs Fanning is a well-known personality and familiar voice in campdrafting and at Australian Stock Horse events.

She has been the voice of the Warwick Gold Cup campdraft for over 40 years and has been involved in the ASH breed since the mid 1970s, both as a breeder and announcer for the Eastern Downs branch.

Having served as a director of Society for the past three years, Ms Fanning said she is extremely humbled and honoured to be elected as chairperson to lead the society and hopes to unite the board and its members and take the Australian Stock Horse breed forward.

After holding her first board meeting as Chairperson, Ms Fanning said that she was really pleased with both the direction and work ethic of the new board.

"Over the last two days we made decisions around member benefits, a Loyalty Program, a Heritage Stud Book, implementing a Base Register for horses that are not currently eligible for Stud Book Registration, the 50th Anniversary celebrations and a whole lot more," she said.

"We were also delighted with news that with over 1000 sires now tested for genetic disorders, that only around 1 per cent had come back testing as a carrier.

"This has given us the opportunity to manage the problem within our Stud Book.

"I am so pleased and humbled to be given the honour of leading this great organisation for the next twelve months.

"We have a great deal of work to do in preparation for our 50th anniversary and I am very keen to ensure that we honour our past and set a great platform for our future."