Aberdeen Treasures, Aberdeen Sports & Recreation Club and Scone's Kate Fraser throw support behind local NSW Rural Fire Service brigades

NSW RFS volunteers 'truly special people'

THE generosity of the Upper Hunter knows no bounds.

And, in its most recent display of kindness, Aberdeen Treasures has joined forces with the Aberdeen Sports & Recreation Club and Scone's Kate Fraser to support eight NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) brigades in the local area.

Crews at Kayuga, Dartbrook, Gundy, Rouchel, Stewarts Brook, Moonan, Dangerfield and McCullys Gap each received $2046.65, courtesy of the trio.

Aberdeen Treasures and Ms Fraser (St Aubin's) contributed $1500 and $500 respectively per brigade, while the club handed over a total of $373.

"We decided to assist the NSW RFS groups closest to our town," secretary/treasurer Carole Johnston said.

"Unfortunately, we only had so much money to spare - we didn't have enough finances to cover all brigades in the region.

"The McCullys Gap RFS has a strong affiliation [with us], after saving Aberdeen a long time ago.

"We also heard the smaller ones were really struggling at the moment.

"They needed a boost in items such as kits for new members, water and food while out on deployment.

"We know how important these fine people are and, as a community, we must do all we can for them.

"This is just a small way of the staff at Aberdeen Treasures to say thank you.

"Primarily, it's been made possible by the residents supporting our little shop.

"If we're lucky, we might be able to do it again down the track."

Mrs Johnston admitted it was a very easy decision to back the NSW RFS.

"Joy Dallah [Aberdeen Treasures president] and I spoke about it - and thought we'd do our part to help," she said.

"The brigades were shocked when we contacted them, but so grateful.

"The members require many things.

"I think, especially the past couple of weeks, it has highlighted just how much we really need these fellas.

"I believe they've been underrated up until now.

"They are truly special people.

"They're simply volunteers trying to look after their communities.

"However, the smaller [NSW RFS] groups seem to be doing it tough.

"It's even worse when you hear some locations are victims of theft.

"But, everyone wants to do their bit [to assist them], so I'm hoping this gesture inspires others to chip in, too.

"If a little op shop in Aberdeen can, surely businesses in Scone and Muswellbrook can pull together and help the RFS units close to them."