Online auction platform Stocklive modernises selling experience at Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre

Scone Saleyards welcomed online bidders for the first time via digital auction platform Stocklive on Tuesday. Photo: File picture
Scone Saleyards welcomed online bidders for the first time via digital auction platform Stocklive on Tuesday. Photo: File picture

SCONE Regional Livestock Selling Centre has modernised its selling practices with the introduction of online bidding.

Today Scone Saleyards offered the first Prime Cattle sale online in Australia with live bidding capability through Stocklive.

The new online auction platform will be interfaced each Tuesday from 8:30am, significantly expanding the ability for buyers to participate remotely.

It also aims to ensure there is maximum competition for vendors in the Upper Hunter region.

Tuesday saw 60 head of stock penned at Scone Saleyards, 300 head less than last week due to the recent rainfall of between 20 to 100mls within the region.

Stocklive, describes itself as "an innovative online auction platform, providing services to the Australian agricultural industry".

The platform increases a buyer's ability to participate in commercial sales whilst allowing vendors to watch their animals be sold real time in the true market discovery in the traditional saleyard process.

The sale lots are catalogued prior to the sale with images taken on the morning of the sale, providing users with detailed visual and descriptive information on each lot.

Interested users must register in advance to purchase online at

Property and Business Coordinator for the Upper Hunter Shire Council Joanne Mcloughlin is one of the people behind the introduction of online bidding at the Scone saleyards and says that combined with the traditional process of a saleyard, Stocklive ensures a more dynamic buying experience is provided.

"It's better for the buyer, better for the agent and better for the vendors that are utilising Scone Saleyards with more competition available," she said.

Upper Hunter Shire Council have recently completed a $12 million redevelopment of the selling facility.

Ms Mcloughlin said the introduction of online bidding is part of the strategy to increase throughput at the Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre.

Stocklive Manager Libby Hufton added that Stocklive is extremely excited to be providing online bidding to the users of of Scone Saleyards.

"It is an exciting time to be involved in agriculture and being part of the innovation in marketing at Scone is amazing as it provides benefits to both vendors and buyers," she said.

"The Stocklive platform will ensure a wider audience viewing the sales and providing the industry with real time data straight from the selling ring."