Fans of so-called reality TV can at least live vicariously through the on-air antics of single swingers and farmers

Reality TV no longer reflects real lives

Some would say so-called "reality" TV never was a reflection of how the average person lives their life, cooks at home, meets someone for a date, or gets married.

With the world plunged into social distancing and self isolation, these types of programs would not be allowed to film.

Luckily for fans, many of them were filmed late last year or earlier this year.

Australian Survivor: All Stars, which reaches its on-air climax this week, will see either Sharn, Moana or the golden god David named the Sole Survivor.

There will soon be a chance to live vicariously through another group of tanned, tattooed, long-haired (including the men) singles, but with Bachelor in Paradise Australia, they get to live the high life.

Back for a third season of fun in the sun, this slice of not reality TV showcases still single and ready to mingle hopefuls who were first introduced to fans across five seasons of The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia.

This time their romantic journey comes with a side of frangipani and exotic cocktails as they disembark from flights - before they were all cancelled.

Of course there will be sensual romantic hook-ups, tinged with the always present scandal, betrayal, lies, drink throwing and, apparently, for three couples - true love.

Lovable long-haired larrikin Timm is the first to arrive. Although he didn't get the fairy-tale ending he had hoped for with Angie Kent last year, he won many hearts and hopes to find a lady to laugh with in paradise.

Taking a second chance on love are the fabulously-British, bare-bottomed Ciarran, and laser-focused Jamie, also from the 2019's TheBachelorette Australia.

Runner-up from Matt Agnew's season, Abbie, is back with a mended heart and her sights set firmly on Ciarran.

And after a devastating shock finale, Brittany from Nick Cummin's season of The Bachelor Australia, is resilient and ready for her next adventure.

Our sexy singles will step out on picturesque island dates, outrageous cocktail parties, tense rose ceremonies and for the first time on Bachelor In Paradise Australia, the unpredictable Bula Banquet dinner parties.

In complete contrast, Farmer Wants a Wife, which airs in April on the Seven Network, may already have some engagement rings on the fingers or potential brides.

So, who are the five country lads who were willing to put themselves out there to try and corral a soul mate?

Alex is a 28-year-old sheep and cattle farmer from Cunamulla in Queensland.

He says he is an energetic larrikin who enjoys being outside. Well, we would hope so, being a farmer and all!

The 180 centimetre lad claims to be a very loyal friend and brother who enjoys learning new things.

He believes he would fall for someone who has a lot in common with him and shares his interests.

"I certainly want to find her attractive, but what I really want is someone who is level-headed and is fun, with a great sense of humour.

"I am fiercely loyal to my loved ones and I hope I can find a partner who feels the same. I'm also an adventurous soul and need someone who is willing to go on adventures with me."

Hmmm ... high standards perhaps?

Harry, also 28, describes himself as a small-town country boy with a big heart and a lot of love to give, who enjoys the simple life of working on the farm.

His grape, cotton and sheep farm is in Goolgowi, NSW.

Harry is looking for an easy-going woman who loves a laugh and is not afraid to have a go at new things.

He wants his lady to be able to hold her own - so no shrinking violets - but someone who will support him, as he will her.

His biggest deal-breaker is trust, while loyalty and a passion for enjoying life are also important.

Forty-two-year-old Neil runs merino sheep on his farm in Crookwell, NSW.

This father of three says he is fun, fit, happy and healthy.

Obviously his ideal woman would have to be willing to take on his brood.

"I hope there is a spark, also known as the feeling, also known as the vibe. It can't be faked, and it never lies," he says.

He wants an honest lady who is a team player and is family orientated.

He would also like her to be active and be ready ... hmmm ... intriguing.

Nick says he is the type of guy who always gets the girl's phone number and answers questions with LL Cool J lyrics - what the?

The 44-year-old wants an independent woman with a "bunch of stuff going on".

He prefers a woman who is happy to do her own thing and who plans to follow her dreams - presumably with him.

"I like honesty, I like drive and I like commitment. I find it attractive when someone finishes what they start."

An adventurous woman would also fit the bill for Nick, and its sounds like he is an adventure in himself.

Young gun Sam is a tropical fruit farmer in Innisfail, Qld.

The 178-centimetre 27-year-old says he is a fun, loving, and caring person, with a heart of gold.

His kind of woman would have an equally big heart, be supportive and enjoy a bit of fun.

Sam says he has the laconic sense of humour Aussie farmers are known for and would love his lady to have a good sense of humour, too.

"I love to be outdoors and am very family orientated," he says.

High on Sam's priorities is someone who is trustworthy, loyal and kind and can handle lots of Italian food - mama mia!

It's not long before we find out if these strapping farmers have hitched their wagon to the right woman to take back home and plough (bad pun intended) ahead in life.