Coronavirus stage 3 restrictions on visiting a partner differ in NSW and Victoria

NSW allows visiting your partner for your mental health, Victoria says 'no'

Relationships have become a lot trickier, with new stage 3 rules in Victoria and NSW putting different restrictions on people - even partners - being together.

The rules are toughest in Victoria, where, if you do not live or work together, you cannot spend time together indoors.

Victoria's stage 3 restrictions make it illegal for anyone to be inside or outside with someone they do not live or work with - unless they are meeting up for exercise or shopping.

There are clauses in Victoria's "stay at home directions" that allow for people who may have two residences or those caring for others, but Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed on Wednesday there would be no exceptions for those who are dating without living in the same house.

"I know I'm asking a lot, people are making sacrifices across the community, but it is a price worth paying because it is going to save lives," he said.

NSW has a more broad restriction on gatherings of more than two people, but also states no-one can leave their home unless it is for work, study, health, exercise or shopping.

Police Commissioner Mike Fuller had better news for NSW couples on Wednesday when he said going out to seeing your partner would "absolutely" come under the category of care and mental health.

"We need to look after each other, but don't take the whole family with you, don't take your grandparents," he said.

The serious threat of coronavirus means no one should be encouraged to break the rules, but for those who do, it would be cheaper to do so in Victoria rather than NSW.

If you choose to break the new law in NSW, the cost could be very steep.

The NSW government has announced penalties of six months in jail or a fine of up to $11,000, plus a further $5500 fine each day the offence continues.

But down in Victoria, the on-the-spot fines are up to $1652 - still hefty, but significantly less impact on your hip pocket.

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