Tigers in space! Or tigers AND space ...

ACM, publisher of this newspaper, is partnering with Children's University Australasia to bring you a series of weekly activity sheets. The activities are designed to be fun, interesting and offer some discoveries along the way, even if you are still in some sort of lockdown as a result of the coronavirus. We hope these ideas will provide entertainment and opportunities for learning. For more activities and to follow the CUA network, go to cuaustralasia.com.

This week: 5 challenges to try at home

Hide and Seek

Camouflage occurs when objects are disguised so they cannot be seen easily. In their natural environment, animals have developed colours that enable them to blend into their environment, for example, a tiger's stripes. This is mostly so they cannot be seen by other animals that might prey on and eat them. Humans also utilise camouflage to their advantage. For example, our ANZACs wear uniforms designed to help them blend in to their surroundings so that they cannot be spotted by the enemy.

Your challenge is to choose an environment from around the world (it could be snow, a desert, the rainforest, your school, a city, your backyard etc) and then design an outfit which you could wear to camouflage yourself.

You can choose to draw, paint, cut and paste pictures, collage or even create and wear the outfit yourself! The options are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

To infinity and beyond!

In 1977, the Voyager Spacecraft set off into outer space carrying the Voyager Golden Records. These records contain sounds and images selected to portray life on Earth to an intelligent extra-terrestrial life form. Like a time capsule, but for our planet. Your challenge is to create your own version of a time capsule that you would like to send out to space, to tell an extra-terrestrial about life on Earth!

Welcome to our town

Your neighbourhood wants you to design a new Welcome sign for visitors. This sign is to feature five aspects of your community and feature a garden at its base, full of plants that represent the area. Draw your design (or build a miniature) and explain the various elements, describing why you chose the:

  • Shape and overall design
  • Construction materials
  • Colours
  • Plants
  • Five symbols for your neighbourhood

Reading Superheros

Create a Thank-You Card for your reading superhero! That is, the person who inspires you to read! It could be your teacher, parent, favourite author or even the fictional character whose stories keep you entertained for hours.

Have your cake and eat it!

Did you know that cake decorating started in Europe in the 1600s?

Your challenge is to design and decorate a cake. It can be any shape or style you choose. Think about your favourite book, hobby, movie or character. The options are endless. Just be sure to have an adult with you to help with the cooking component.



  • Make activities fun, avoid creating stress
  • Spend time doing the activities together, each task is achievable
  • Be guided by your child, let them lead the activity
  • There is no one way of doing a task, be creative, have fun