What to consider when you design your baby's nursery

What to consider when you design your baby's nursery

Preparing for a new baby is both a challenging and exciting time. When it comes to designing your baby's nursery, there are a number of key considerations you should take into account to ensure the transition is as seamless (and stylish) as possible. Developing a design plan is a must, as it not only allows you to cover off those non-negotiable nursery items, but also keeps you on track with your budget. With so much room for creativity, here are five key things to consider when designing your baby's nursery.

Pick a theme

Establishing a theme is usually the first point of call when it comes to designing any room, and often one of the most overwhelming. It is important to find a balance between practicality and trend. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a gender-neutral colour for your walls - something that we are seeing more often in nursery decor. Oversized murals and feature walls are fast-emerging, reflected through colour pops pulled from them and echoed across the room. Floral and natural prints, such as leaves and trees, are a favourite, bringing in a hint of the outside.

Many people are becoming bolder with their blind choices, choosing patterned and textured blinds when styling rooms. Monochrome continues to be a popular choice for parents who'd prefer to steer clear of traditional pink or blue.

Go dark

Being able to mimic the nighttime at any time in a baby's room is crucial. The Three Birds Renovations trio recently completed their first new-build in the Byron Bay hinterland, including a gorgeous nursery.

"Anyone with a baby knows how important it is to have control of the light in a nursery," says Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations. "Luxaflex Duette Shades in blockout opacity provides maximum room darkening and zero view-through when closed, creating the ideal environment for a baby to sleep - even for naps during the day. The pleated fabric design also means they can be stacked tightly up into the head rail to allow light through when open."

CONTRAST: Luxaflex's Kids Print Collection includes a zebra print design.

CONTRAST: Luxaflex's Kids Print Collection includes a zebra print design.

The workstation

Installing a fridge in your baby's room is a game changer. Creating a mini workstation could also include a bottle steriliser and warmer. Ideal for those late night feeds or emergencies, by having an easily-accessible feeding area, you'll need fewer trips to the kitchen, resulting in more relaxed, well-rested mum and happy baby.

Safety first

Safety in your baby's room is a number one priority. By designing a safe space from the get-go, you can factor in things like trip hazards, sharp corners and cupboard locks, right through to ensuring your window coverings are child safe and cord-free.

Motorised blinds are becoming increasingly popular. A cordless solution that combines safety, style and convenience, choose for rooms to operate independently, or work together for whole-house synchronisation.

All at arm's length

One of the key things to take into account when planning your nursery is keeping everything (think nappies, wipes and a bin) easily accessible from one central point. As home automation becomes more commonly integrated, families are simplifying daily tasks through voice technology.

Shades that incorporate motorisation are a fantastic choice for nurseries, compatible with smart assistants meaning you can tell them to open or close on demand, or set more specific scenes such as 'nap time' and 'wake up'.