Scone residents have opportunity to hear Watoto Children’s Choir first-hand

SCONE residents will have the opportunity to hear the wonderful Watoto Children’s Choir first-hand this month.

The Uganda-based outfit, which is touring Australia with a new show, is scheduled to appear at the Scone High School Multi-Purpose Unit (MPU) on Wednesday, June 28, from 6pm.

In January, Watoto launched its Watoto Children’s Choir production, Signs & Wonders, that celebrates the joy of salvation. 

The choir, whose members are orphans and other vulnerable children, will present new worship music from Watoto Church in Uganda and invite audiences to experience an encounter with God.

“Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion.”

Isaiah 8: 18 NASB

“This production is going to challenge preconceived ideas about miracles,” Watoto Choirs creative director James Skinner said.

“It demonstrates that each of our daily lives are signs and wonders of God’s work in us. 

“This is evidenced by the miraculous transformation that Jesus works in people who were once lost, but are now found. 

“We see this through the innocence of the child telling of their transformation from their dark past to the light that God has shown upon them.”

Through the power of their testimonies the children will share stories of how their lives have been changed, and how they have been called into a life of purpose to transform their communities. 

Each story will declare the miracle of transformation – from darkness to light; from despair to hope; from loss to purpose; from fear to faith.

Twelve-year-old Roland Amanya is among 18 children who will tour Australia for six months as part of the Watoto Children’s Choir production, Signs & Wonders. 

During the six months of training back home in Uganda, he stood out as a leader who speaks confidently and clearly. 

He is already a role model to the other boys on his team.

When asked about going on tour, he says: “I look forward to sharing my story with many people so they can know more about God. I hope it will be a blessing to everyone we meet.”

Roland loves playing soccer, reading and watching movies. 

With science as his favourite subject, he looks forward to becoming a medical doctor one day.

He wasn’t always that optimistic about life though.

After the death of her husband, Roland’s mother struggled to take care of her five children. 

When she learned about Watoto through her sister, she felt led to apply to be a housemother. 

After careful screening and training, Stella became a housemother in 2013.

Roland gladly joined her in their beautiful Watoto home.

“Since coming to Watoto, we have enjoyed a good life,” he said.

“We were struggling before and my mum didn’t know how we would survive. 

“Now, we have a lovely home, food everyday and I am receiving quality education.”

Roland quickly adjusted to life in the Watoto villages. 

He grew to love his new siblings and it didn’t take long for him to make friends either.

“I love my brothers and sisters,” he said.

“The gardens surrounding our house are big and beautiful and there are so many children to play with. 

“I love it here.”

Watoto Children’s Choirs have travelled extensively since 1994, sharing a message of hope for Africa’s orphans and widows. 

2016 was an incredible year, bringing a close to the Oh, What Love tour.