Ardglen resident Haley Ellis puts up $10,000 reward for missing poddy calf

HALEY Ellis’ impassioned plea went unheard.

Now, she’s hoping “money talks”.

The Ardglen resident has put up a $10,000 reward for any information about her missing poddy calf.

“Kirby” was last seen at her property, just north of Murrurundi, a month ago.

And, after taking to social media for assistance, Ms Ellis is ramping up her campaign even further.

“It’s frustrating,” she said.

“The police have been called and the stock squad has followed up a couple of leads.

“But, we’ve heard nothing.

“She’s been gone four weeks on Friday.

“I would like to know whether she’s dead or alive.

“That’s why I’m offering a monetary incentive.”

Ms Ellis described Kirby as a “one-of-a-kind calf”, when Fairfax Media first spoke to her.

“She has a microchip in her belly and her DNA is also on file,” she explained.

“So, whoever has her can’t hide Kirby.

“I’m just asking for a bit of help to find her.

“Someone must know something – I’m sure of it.

“I keep being told it’s only a matter of time [before I hear anything].

“But, I guess, I’ve given up hope she’s alive.

“I have no doubt she was stolen [as she’s particularly cute].

“It’s quite upsetting.

“Not only is it a blow for my business, as I breed Brahmans, but the poor cow is not coping well with the loss of her calf.

“When people do this, I don’t think they realise what [issues] they leave behind.

“All I ask is that they return Kirby now, no questions asked.”