Keep the kids occupied with a drawing a day

Choose your pencil: 31 days of drawing

As we roll into May and many families are wondering when and how the kids will return to school, here's a challenge to keep you busy.

Get out your pencils, pens, paints, crayons and textas and get creative!

ACM, publisher of this newspaper, is partnering with Children's University Australasia to bring you a different lot of activities each week. We know it can be tough for families and children in coronavirus-inspired lockdown.

The activities are designed to be fun, interesting and offer some discoveries along the way. For more ideas and to learn more about the CUA visit

In May: try doing a drawing a day

  1. Something you couldn't live without
  2. Something yellow
  3. Favourite book character
  4. Something you dislike
  5. Favourite animated character
  6. Something you miss
  7. Something purple
  8. Favourite fairy tale character
  9. A city skyline
  10. Something orange
  11. Something green
  12. Favourite animal
  13. Favourite place in your own home
  14. Favourite food
  15. Something pink
  16. Something in your room
  17. Favourite flower or plant
  18. Something blue
  19. Your pet or a pet you would like
  20. Something that makes you laugh
  21. Favourite outfit
  22. Something you do on weekends
  23. A place you have travelled to or dream of visiting
  24. Favourite Autumn activity
  25. Your dream house
  26. What you want to be in the future
  27. Something red
  28. Favourite sport/sports team
  29. Favourite hobby
  30. Self portrait
  31. Free choice



  • Make activities fun, avoid creating stress
  • Spend time doing the activities together, each task is achievable
  • Be guided by your child, let them lead the activity
  • There is no one way of doing a task, be creative, have fun