Hunter Valley Police District urges all motorists to be vigilant on Upper Hunter roads

Drive to the conditions

HUNTER Valley Police District (HVPD) is urging all motorists to drive to the conditions, following the recent wild weather experienced in the region.

Heavy rainfall, blustery winds and, even, snow in some parts of the area has made a number of local roads extremely dangerous, hence the HVPD's apt warning.

And, with more rain expected this weekend and into next week, senior officers are imploring people to be extra vigilant when undertaking their outings.

"Most drivers do the right thing but there are others who don't think when they're behind the wheel," Acting Inspector Ryan Froml said.

"So, plan your trip, drive to the road conditions and take care driving in areas with low lying causeways.

"Remember to never drive, walk, ride or play in flood waters - no matter how shallow you feel it might be.

"If you can't see the roadway, don't risk it.

"That includes four-wheel drive (4WD) owners, too.

"Even if you're travelling off-road, it can be hazardous in this weather.

"If you are heading to the Barrington Tops, take a few simple precautions.

"Notify friends, or family, where you're going and when you're due to return; and check the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW NPWS) website beforehand.

"Also, make sure you have adequate clothing and supplies, just in case you get snowed in."

HVPD's timely reminder comes after several officers were called to a job, to assist a bogged vehicle, at the Barrington Tops at the weekend.

"Those types of rescues take up a lot of time and resources, especially in the freezing cold," Acting Inspector Froml said.

"And, in most cases, they're totally avoidable.

"I don't know if they realise it, but these motorists not only put their lives at risk, but also the lives of the police, NSW SES and other emergency service personnel who have to save them.

"People need to take everything into consideration."

Tips to stay safe during wet weather include:

  • Check,, and for the latest information;
  • Leave a greater braking distance between yourself and the vehicle in front;
  • In heavy rain pull over where safe to do so and wait for the wet weather to pass;
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders should wear brightly-coloured clothes in order to be seen by other road users;
  • Drivers and motorcycle riders should use their headlights in heavy rain to be seen by other road users;
  • Be mindful of fatigue, as bad weather may cause delays; and
  • If you become involved in a crash or break down, secure your vehicle, take shelter where safe to do so, and await the arrival of emergency or other services.