Scone resident Rita Muffett celebrates 100th birthday milestone

SCONE resident Rita Muffett has enjoyed a very special milestone in her life.

On October 7 her family and friends gathered in Scone to celebrate Rita reaching 100 years.

Born in 1917, Rita has lived in Scone her whole life, is the mother of five children and now many grand children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

‘Nana’ often tells her family stories of the good times, including Saturday dances at Grandma Fibbins house in Wingen Street, which is still standing today.

The large dining room was often alive with family and friends dancing and twirling to the sounds of piano, fiddle, and concertina.

In 1937, Rita started a job as a domestic for the Smiths, on their wheat farm, just north of Scone.

She met her future husband Wal there, and they were married in 1938.

To commemorate the special event, more than 130 friends and family gathered on Saturday at the Scone Bowling Club for the celebration.

Making it that little bit more special, Rita received a letter from the queen, Malcom Turnball, Barnaby Joyce as well as Gladys Berejiklian, congratulating her on her many years of life.

One of Rita’s great-granddaughters, Taya Elphinstone recalled with fondness that Rita has always been energetic and active despite her years.

“Despite hitting the 100th milestone, Rita is still full of energy,” Ms Elphinstone said.

“After the formal celebrations, she ventured around the auditorium and said hello to all 130 individuals who attended the party,” she said.

While it doesn’t often get more special than reaching a century, Rita enjoyed another bonus treat on the day.

Many people traveled for the occasion, including an old school friend of Rita's – Barbara McRae, who arrived in Scone to attend the celebration on Saturday.

Rita’s family and friends are very proud of her and the life she has lived.